WHY SBDIC Australia?


STOP BLACK DEATH IN CUSTODY AUSTRALIA is a First Nations service established in support of our FIRST NATIONS FAMILIES who came to us for assistance “WHILE SEEKING JUSTICE FOR THEIR LOVED ONE’s” who died in the custody.

Black Death In Custody is a real Concern
450+ Deaths in 30 years


As 2021 marks the 30 years since the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody, WE remind them ALL that nothing has changed.

More than 450 Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people have died in custody since that report was released and yet:

1- not a single conviction of those responsible, no accountability and no Justice. 

2- This Government continues to pass the buck off onto each other  - from State to State & Territory, funding the same 'Merry go round' year after year. 

Meanwhile, our first Nations Families are reminded daily of the trauma they experience when losing their loved ones in these systems.


Our First Nations grassroots people are tired and our families have no faith in this Nations flawed systems.

We have our own autonomy, and we hold the Answers to our own Solutions. 

No more Band-Aid Solutions... and funding the same round about.


Marches & Campaigns SBDIC Australia

SBDIC AUSTRALIA are Independent Body and want to remain that way. Our main source of income is through fundraising efforts.

Please, Support a worthy Cause.

Donate to SBDIC Australia and make a difference     Donate to SBDIC Australia and make a difference     Donate to SBDIC Australia and make a difference