SBDIC AUSTRALIA's Team is made up of a small group of dedicated members who work voluntary for this much needed CAUSE. 

  • Regina Moran - Manager
  • Djodamajeerah Moran - Social Media & Content Specialist 
  • Buddym Canning  - Graphic Artist & Multi Media Specialist 

SBDIC AUSTRALIA wholeheartedly offer support and assistance to our First Nation Families who have lost Loved Ones in custody.

"We are here in the difficult moments and do whatever we can to help our First Nations Families. Our Grassroots Campaigns & Campaigners work tirelessly on a the ground continually raising awareness to the broader communities across our Nation. WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER". says Regina Moran

Tribute to Sam Watson's legacy SBDIC Australia

2nd L: Djodamajeerah Moran - Grand Daughter

3rd Behind: Buddym Maroonga Canning - Grandson

Middle L: Regina Moran

Middle R: Sam Watson - Our Pop

Middle R: Kathy Watson - Our Nan

Far R: Samuel Watson IV - Grandson

WE, wish to pay tribute to Sam Watson's legacy, as We remember the Legacy you left behind.

OUR Poppy Sam was a Proud Wangerriburra and Birri Gubba man, who had blood ties to the Jagara, Kalkadoon and Noonuccal Nations. He was previously an academic at the University of Queensland, and received honours for his 1990 novel The Kadaitchi Sung and acclaim for his 1995 film Black Man Down. An award-winning author, playwright and activist. 

Poppy Sam was one of our nations Leading Aboriginal Activist and and Socialist Politician. Dedicating his life to fight the good fight, working at the Brisbane Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Legal Service in the early nineties, and was involved in implementing the findings of the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody. Poppy Sam also played an active role in Coronal Inquests into Deaths in Custody & supporting our Palm Island community, particularly the community's class action suit against the Queensland government [over issues arising from the murder in custody of Cameron Doomadgee in 2004].

"We are honored & proud to be his Grandchildren as we continue to carrying on the legacy he fought so hard towards" says Djodamajeerah.

Our Poppy Sam was a proud, inspiring, generous and loyal dedicated Leader towards our Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Issues & Grassroots Causes. 

Poppy Sam was a Loving, Kind & Gracious Grandfather, Father & Husband.

We hope to make you proud Pop.. We miss you dearly as We continue to carry on the good fight.


Sam Watson's legacy activist SBDIC Australia